Life Size Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop at X Games

Millennial nostalgia (or faux-stalgia?) at work.  (& Reminds me of our Millennial Mega Mashup presentation by X Games’ Mick Kelleher)


Life Size Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop at X Games

Millennial nostalgia (or faux-stalgia?) at work.  (& Reminds me of our Millennial Mega Mashup presentation by X Games’ Mick Kelleher)

"Fundamentally social"

We heard a little bit about use of social media with TV this morning from Channon Cook, but Mick Kelleher provided a deep dive this afternoon. ESPN, being a Cable network, skews older, so X Games is using social media integration to re-engage the younger, Millennial audience and drive interest and attention to the live event.

Using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube and more, X Games delivers uniquely tailored content to each channel. Polls and caption contest drive fan feedback on Facebook for example, whereas providing athlete Twitter handles may be a more useful activity for Twitter.

Once I got over my personal jealous of their worldwide trending tweets and 1,100 retweets I could see some takeaways here for any marketer:

- Provide timely, relevant content (X Games loads event video within 2 minutes!)

- Keep it short and sweet (YouTube content isn’t longer then 2 minutes, Twitter 110 characters) allow room for the audience to personalize and share

- Speak to your demographic in their own voice: look at what language your fans use and speak back to them - authentically - in that tone

- Don’t make noise: X Games has key athlete stars, more unrelated content doesn’t get shared. Stick to your core messages.

Top Reasons to Attend Millennial Mega Mashup

The Millennial Mega Mashup, the leading event focused on Millennials (currently aged 8-30), was designed to future proof your business with a deeper understanding on purchasing behaviors, media consumption patterns, and current and future trends of the most powerful generation yet.

Top Reasons to Attend the Millennial Mega Mashup:

• Our Sixth Annual Conference focuses on Millennials, those aged 8 to 30, who control a massive spending power and are still forming their brand preferences and opinions. They’re an audience you can’t afford to ignore.

• The man who coined the term Millennial, Neil Howe, discusses how the Millennial generation is shaping the future of the United States.

• The Third GennY Awards Winner shares best practices of new and innovative techniques to connecting and communicating with Millennials.

• From the Mouths of Millennials… We’ve brought back our interactive Live Focus Groups, where you can meet tweens and teens, hear what they have to say, and ask your own specific questions.

• All-New Hispanic Millennial Intensive offers a full day on this important group, from “fusionistas” and bilingual influencers to Hispanic shoppers and cultural touchpoints.

• New to the Program! Trenz®Walk: Firmenich’s ‘Trenz Walking’ is a unique system to detect trends in their infancy (mostly 3-4 years before they globally manifest themselves). It allows not only to signal the new trends early, but business opportunities, from branding to product development to delivery. *limited to 30 people

• A Fully Customizable Program so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Choose between two breakout tracks to target your specific needs: Younger Millennials (8-17) and Older Millennials (18-30).

• Generation Innovation & Purposeful Connection. Keynotes from Nick Shore, SVP Strategic Consumer Insights & Research MTV, and Kate Robertson, Co-Founder of One Young World give a glimpse inside the mind of millennials and what drives them.

• From The Hunger Games… our all-star keynotes include the biggest names in youth media: Drake Doremus, Director of the movie Like Crazy, David Levithan, Editor of The Hunger Games, Channon Cook, Vice President of Strategic Insight & Research at Comedy Central, and much, much more.

• …To the X Games. Learn what matters most to Millennials and how to research this fickle group in case studies and presentations from ESPN, Macy’s, Coca-Cola, Smarty Pants, Nickelodeon, Westfield Malls, and other brands.

• Network with Movers & Shakers in youth media and marketing. From brand leaders to marketing influencers to in-the-know researchers, you never know who you’ll be sitting next to at the Millennial Mega Mashup!

Download the conference brochure for full program details.

It’s an exciting time for marketers, researchers, insights directors and folks alike to explore this rising Millennial generation. As a reader of our tumblr, we’d like to offer you a 15% discount on the standard registration rate. Use code MASHUP12TUMBLR to save. Register today.

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