A nice first-person millennial glimpse at the “slashitude" work trend.

"It’s been said that by the time a Millennial is old enough to run for President, his or her closet will be overrun with skeletons."

— Getting Fired Because of Facebook Has Never Been Likelier

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Gen Y In The Workplace: The Maximizing Millennials Infographic

Gen Y In the Workplace Via MBA@UNC
Via MBA@UNC Online Business Degree & The YEC

"To reach Millennials, your website must look and feel personal and direct, with features that wow visitors with what feels like an in-person presentation. A lame website will not only fail to impress your Millennial customers, it will also be a point of embarrassment to your Millennial employees. They expect technology to be part of their work world outside of your website, too. Having the latest, even cutting-edge technology goes a long way in retaining a Millennial workforce. Let them get hands-on with the technology and stand by to learn a thing or two."

— Just one of the great points in this piece “Portrait of a Millennial” on Forbes

"Millennials want to know they are on track more than any other generation, and thanks to growing up on Web, we want to know in real time. Gamification technology satisfies this need, and also automates the process."

— Millennials Just Want to Have Fun (and Work Hard While Doing It)
We spoke about this trend in our recent webinar.

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“Gen-Y values connection.” 
True both inside and outside the workplace.

Gen-Y values connection.” 

True both inside and outside the workplace.