"It’s been said that by the time a Millennial is old enough to run for President, his or her closet will be overrun with skeletons."

— Getting Fired Because of Facebook Has Never Been Likelier

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"Millennials like Skalski and Katrina Craigwell at General Electric Co. are having an outsized impact on b2b marketing departments. CMOs are finding that this younger generation’s social media expertise and easy familiarity with the digital world make them particularly valuable employees."- Millennials add social savvy to marketing mix

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"And even for those who do have parents monitoring their use, it would be far better for the tweens to have a specially built part of Facebook in which to share and communicate."

— How to protect your kids on Facebook, The Washington Post

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Would younger Millennials use Facebook if it meant linking their account to their parents?

"Fundamentally social"

We heard a little bit about use of social media with TV this morning from Channon Cook, but Mick Kelleher provided a deep dive this afternoon. ESPN, being a Cable network, skews older, so X Games is using social media integration to re-engage the younger, Millennial audience and drive interest and attention to the live event.

Using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube and more, X Games delivers uniquely tailored content to each channel. Polls and caption contest drive fan feedback on Facebook for example, whereas providing athlete Twitter handles may be a more useful activity for Twitter.

Once I got over my personal jealous of their worldwide trending tweets and 1,100 retweets I could see some takeaways here for any marketer:

- Provide timely, relevant content (X Games loads event video within 2 minutes!)

- Keep it short and sweet (YouTube content isn’t longer then 2 minutes, Twitter 110 characters) allow room for the audience to personalize and share

- Speak to your demographic in their own voice: look at what language your fans use and speak back to them - authentically - in that tone

- Don’t make noise: X Games has key athlete stars, more unrelated content doesn’t get shared. Stick to your core messages.

"Comedy is the ultimate pathway to cool"

In the Comedy Natives study, presented at Millennial Mega Mashup by Chanon Cook, Vice President, Strategic Insights & Research, Comedy Central we found out that 6 out of 10 millennials believe they are just as funny as any professional comedian.

There is a ‘new narcissism’ to the findings, with millennial comedy central viewers finding humor in every aspect of their everyday lives and 1 in 4 having created and shared their own comedy (that’s twice the rate of Gen Xers).

We joked about this presentation being “something completely different” from Kate Robertson’s before it, however there is a similar element here. Millennials surveyed by comedy central use comedy to “break down barriers” between social groups. They view comedy as an agent for change and a way to connect and disliked humor that comes from a place of hate.

Comedy Central has taken this knowledge and put it to work by enabling social sharing, requiring talent to have a social media component to their work and deeply integrating between on-air content and the social space.

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"Getting a Millennial to “Like” your Facebook Page is just the first step in the relationship. However, unless you make that relationship work, most won’t come back to your Page."

— "Likes" ineffective measure of brand success

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Quinnipiac University Public Relations Professor Hilary Fussell Sisco, Ph.D. surveyed 18 to 29 -year-olds at three different universities. She found that 75 percent of those born into Generation Y, the Millennial Generation, liked an organization on Facebook, while only 45 percent followed products that also have pages. Out of those participating in the survey, 44 percent say they’ve joined a cause or nonprofit site.

While these findings might seem arbitrary to some, Sisco says they are a key to understanding the millennial generation in terms of online marketing.


- Professor Explains Facebook Likes on NBC CT

How is your brand using Facebook?

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Promoting work-life balance with a social media edge, this Ford Fusion Pi Day video is a great example of speaking to Millennials.