"You could have this really amazing night, but if you didn’t get a picture, it’s like it didn’t happen,” said Ms. Parr, 22, a senior at Gettysburg, whose friends often order designer outfits from the Rent the Runway Web site because incessant documenting makes wearing anything more than twice taboo. “It’s crazy how much pictures consume our lives. Everyone knows how to pose and how to hold your arm and which way is most flattering, and everyone wants the picture taken with their phone."

Last Call for College Bars

Slides for “Social TV, Transmedia Storytelling and Beyond” by Rick Liebling from Millennial Mega Mashup available here.

"And even for those who do have parents monitoring their use, it would be far better for the tweens to have a specially built part of Facebook in which to share and communicate."

— How to protect your kids on Facebook, The Washington Post

(Source: Washington Post)

"Svitak made a compelling case for social empowerment among “the generation of eye-rollers,” drawing from recent trends, studies and anecdotes from her own life growing up in the thick of a changing social landscape. Only problem is, adults can have a hard time understanding just how beneficial that engagement can be."

Are Millennials the Most Distracted or Engaged Generation?

Definitely goes back to our conversations at #MegaMashup!

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