Young Readers Want Up-to-Date Information, Not a Digitized Version of the Print Product

"They have turned to cooking to create experiences that they may have paid for in a restaurant in a different economic landscape. They are open to less expensive beauty products and feel that these products can work as well as costlier options. They have adopted a very self-reliant approach to healthcare and are generally trying to eat better to live healthier."

— Millennial Shoppers: Tapping Into the Next Growth Segment



Life Size Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop at X Games

Millennial nostalgia (or faux-stalgia?) at work.  (& Reminds me of our Millennial Mega Mashup presentation by X Games’ Mick Kelleher)


Life Size Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop at X Games

Millennial nostalgia (or faux-stalgia?) at work.  (& Reminds me of our Millennial Mega Mashup presentation by X Games’ Mick Kelleher)

"Millennials, the 19- to 34-year-olds who eat out more than any other generation, are considered by restaurant owners to be the new golden geese. But luring them in is a tricky affair."

— Favorite millennial restaurants: In-N-Out, Chick-fil-A

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

"Principled or calculating or a bit of both, President Obama’s choice on gay marriage is a bet on the political future — a wager on the views and values of the millennial generation making its long march through American institutions."

— Interesting, do you agree?


"An age bracket is like an empty hotel room. People move in, then move on. Focus on the people, not the hotel room"

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Neil Howe and Dan Coates of YPulse started us off at this first full day of Millennial Mega Mashup with an energetic conversation about Millennials (and the generation to follow them.) In addition to the above, some of the other main takeaways were:

The generation is diverse: “Early millennials are all children of boomers, late wave are almost all kids of Xers”

On the popularity of The Hunger Games: The Hunger Games references to the 1930s are a metaphor for the Millennial struggle in society with the economy

The culture gap between parents and children has disappeared: “Millennials & parents have 30-40% of the same songs on their ipods”

On starting families: “Millennials are not huge into marriage, but are huge into families”

On relationships with their parents: Institutions (college, the army, etc) are now working with and marketing to parents.

On naming the next generation: “The question is, how do you define their location in history”

On the rising importance of community colleges: Even kids who are admitted at Ivy Leagues now may not be going there because they can’t afford it.

On how family-directed nature of Millennials affects purchasing habits: “Although Millennials aren’t buying cars, they are huge influences on what their parents or relatives are buying”

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America’s rising generation embodies confidence, community and trust in a better tomorrow. This new generation has been coined, by Neil Howe, Founding Partner & President, Lifecourse Associates, as the Millennial Generation.

In this exclusive Mega Mashup video, Neil Howe and Jake Katz of YPulse Inc explore this topic as a sneak peek of the upcoming event and take questions from our live audience.

Join Neil Howe and other industry experts at the Millennial Mega Mashup to discuss the future of the Millennial Generation, the role other generations will play in that future, and what this means for you, your brand and your business.

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A Pew Research survey revealed that 34 percent of Millennials bought a certain product or service because of a company’s social or political values.

— Marketing to Millenials, Social Media Today and Lenovo recently paired up for a “Scavenger Hunt for Those Who Do” raising awareness of the Lenovo brand’s social values. What is your brand doing to connect with millennial social or political values?

Hear the “Scavenger Hunt for Those Who Do” story this May at Millennial Mega Mashup.