Millennial Men, Women Respond Differently To Ads

Millennial Men, Women Respond Differently To Ads


In short, mobile incentive programs offer a huge opportunity to dramatically improve engagement – especially among Millennial employees.

If your company doesn’t go mobile with your incentive program, you’ll miss out on reaching Millennials. Giving them what they want where they want it will also earn your company big points with your employees.


— How To Use The iPhone To Motivate Your Millennial Workforce

(Source: Business Insider)

"He said in the days of the Waltons and Dynasty it was possible to get a 50% viewer share. Today a 50 (%) share is nearly impossible. There are just too many choices."

The Terminator… a Millennial Teddy Bear?

"To reach Millennials, your website must look and feel personal and direct, with features that wow visitors with what feels like an in-person presentation. A lame website will not only fail to impress your Millennial customers, it will also be a point of embarrassment to your Millennial employees. They expect technology to be part of their work world outside of your website, too. Having the latest, even cutting-edge technology goes a long way in retaining a Millennial workforce. Let them get hands-on with the technology and stand by to learn a thing or two."

— Just one of the great points in this piece “Portrait of a Millennial” on Forbes

"Data from comScore and Jumptap show that ownership of tablets and purchasing on tablets is heaviest among older Millennials – those 25-34 years-old. Millennials as a whole – ages 18-34 – are most likely to use an iPad while Baby Boomers are the heaviest users of the Kindle Fire."

— Jumptap: In Mobile, Size May Not Matter


"Moms & Media 2″ finds that for moms born between 1977 and 1994, there is no part of their lives that is media free. From the bathroom (21%) to the bedroom (12%) these moms are checking Facebook, streaming television and reading magazines everywhere and anywhere they go. They are developing entirely new relationships with all forms of media on their own terms."

— From “Moms and Their Strange Relationships with Their Smartphones.” Millennial moms are definitely technology fans.

6 Hacks to Millennial Parenthood

1. Parenthood doesn’t equal marriage

Marriage used to be the first sign of adulthood, with this audience it is the last. Only 21% of Millennials are married under 30 and that is unlikely to change, (40% boomers, 30% Gen X)

2. Multi: Cultural, Generational, Relational

Cultural hybrids are the new normal, more millennials are living in multi-generational homes (and Boomer grandparents are having a “second parenthood”) and Millennial parents are influenced by a new network of relationships

3. Super mom is dead

Millennial moms are more educated then any previous generation, 61% has a master’s degree, but more are working part time then Xer moms, and 52% of Millennial moms identify as Stay at Home Moms. As part of comes the rise of the “Mommy-Prenuers.”

4. “This is the new workforce”

Millennial Dads earn less degrees then their female counterparts and between 2007 and 2011 the number of un or underemployed dads doubled. And they’re OK with that: 68% will choose less money for time with their kids. Millennial Dads spend 45 minutes to 1 hour longer then older dads on a weekday.

5. Well rounded, balanced, not perfect

"I’m going to say yes to both" Millennial parents multitask it all at the same time. Technology, their backgrounds and the economy have all conspired to make it possible and probably for Millennials to do more.

6. “Sharenting”

Millennial parents turn to outside sources much more than previous generations and share with their extended community as well. “Share-enting” is a more “it takes a village” attitude to child rearing

Liveblogging Millennial Mega Mashup

Just a heads up to our followers: Next Monday-Wednesday we will be live blogging the Millennial Mega Mashup event from this space.

Monday we kick off with our Day One Intensive on the hispanic Millennial where we will explore the emergence of “fusionistas” and bilingual influencers, the Latina Millennial Mom, Hispanics and New Media and the ultimate Hispanic shopper.

Tuesday we’ll be hearing from keynotes such as Neil Howe and David Levithan and wrapping up the day with our Live Focus Group. Then the event finishes on Wednesday with even more keynotes (including Nick Shore) and the 2012 GennY Award Presentation.

Stay tuned, and for those of you coming to the event, we’ll see you in Miami!