Vince Voron, Head of Design, North America, The Coca-Cola Company spoke just now about creating “Joy at every touch point.”

"Before we would design what we could manufacture, and now we manufacture what we can design" - Vince Voron

Formerly with Apple, Vince spoke about the power of design and innovation to create brand love and volume lift. Hired by Coke to create a “beverage ipod,” he has been the driving force behind the new Coke Freestyle machine.

The session echoed some of our earlier talks, for example, the coke strategy for YouTube is: Use short, alluring visuals that prompt sharing, with no paid media. Additionally Vince advises “Learn the language of the people you need to convince,” which speaks to both convincing superiors to fund a project or marketing. Also, Vince spoke of the importance of hiring Millennials for innovation, and mixing up the traditional board room/design room dynamic.

With these elements coming together, we come to the quote above. Coke inverted the dynamic and came up with the Coke Freestyle machine, reaching a new generation.