Millennial Mega Mashup

Nov 16

According to Winograd and Hais:

• 80 percent of Millennials say that they want work that has a positive impact on society;

• 80 percent believe that global climate change is a serious problem;

• 78 percent are willing to make significant life style sacrifices to address major environmental and economic challenges, and say they value community over individual success.

” — Lamm: Millennials have the momentum - The Denver Post 

Nov 15

Millennials Pose Challenge and Opportunity to Restaurants, Apparel Retailers, Malls

Nov 14

“According to the report only about 40% have had at least one internship in their chosen career path even though most (85%) believe internships are important to career placement.” — Survey: Why Millennials have trouble finding jobs

Nov 13

Obama's 2012 victory shows the rise of the Millennial Generation

Nov 12

“Mr. Vila, VP-consumer and customer insights at Campbell Soup, leads a team of researchers who spend hours with the young consumers, in return for cash or some other benefit. “We eat with them. We cook with them. We bar hop with them,” Mr. Vila said.” — Marketers Deploy New Techniques to Crack Mysteries of Millennial Eating Habits


Nov 08

Millennials: Turns Out the ‘Entitled Generation’ Is Willing to Sacrifice

Nov 06

Dizzying array of media streams spotlight election

Oct 31


Oct 25

“Fabian said that in his travels, something he has been most impressed with is how kids try to learn even when there isn’t technology around.” — Starving for Internet access, team in Uganda innovates

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Oct 24

Young People Frequent Libraries, Study Finds